Sunday, June 30, 2013

SAWADIKA, Bangkok Part III

Oh damn. 
I understand lately the people from Singapore & Malaysia was suffering over the annoying haze problem. But well, u still have to stay strong and be tough. Please take care guys! Maybe, perhaps, you may say thanks to the lovely neighbor, Indonesia's Sumatra island to brought us the haze.

Next on, please enjoy my Bangkok trip Part III photo diary. 

Yes, I'm seriously missing Bangkok so so so much! Maybe I should plan a trip back to Bangkok during end of this year. I wanna go back there. Anyone want to accompany me? Hahahahahas. I seriously need a travel partner to Bangkok =X

The most strangest & interesting souvenir of all which you can actually get one for your friends =D Those penises was made by wood and stone yet they come with all different colors and sizes. Huu Huh, it's pretty interesting right?

Next, most of the people probably know about the Dos and Dont's regarding the monks at Thailand. Remember that don't touch the monks and don't give them anything directly especially if you are a girl! We must show them some respect as Thais do. You may spot the different between how the monk will keep distance between a guy and a girl.

TAAAAAADAAAAAAAH ...... can you spot the different?

Picture 1 : Monk took pictures with guy (Tommy's Dad, Pino)

Picture 2 : Monk took pictures with girl (Me)

So, next after we just randomly walk around the town under the super hot sun weather. To be honest, I seriously have no idea how much I had fancy about Thailand culture. LOL 

I heart it so much!!!! 
Love the Thailand Culture • Love the Thailand Rubbish =.=!!!!!

#4, Wat Saket
A temple which build on an artificial man-made hill and it also popularly known as the Golden Mount. By approaching the top of the hill, you will be also welcomed by a wall of bells and panoramas of historic Bangkok.


and it's ________ Stairs Time!!!!

Oh damn! There are over 300 steps from the base of the mount to the terrace at the top. Args! I hate climbing stairs... the stairs was snake gently around the outside of the structure. Luckily, the walk up is actually still a very pleasant with the temple bells, flower gardens and miniature waterfalls.... but just I seriously hate climbing stairs so much! 

Yes, finally we reach the top after 15-20 minutes time climbing up on the stairs! The view from the Golden mount was awesome pretty nice. 

I shall apologies that my photography skill wasn't bring out the nice view feel from the pictures... but, believe me! The view really super awesome great and nice. LOL

Okay, I guess that's it for my Bangkok trip Part III 

Stay tuned again.
Will continue update the rest soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

SAWADIKA, Bangkok Part II

Thank god that I am still alive today!
Hola-Hola! So, are you ready for reading my craps on part 2? Well, well.... Let's start. *cough

This is gonna be my another tough update because my memories was bit mess up in the rest of the coming days at Bangkok. I am trying my best to recall all the moments. Yay, as many of my close friends know that I am actually a gold fish, my memory can be last for 3 second only. LOL LOL LOL. hahas!

We woke up quite morning and went to visited the second temple after our breakfast.

#2, Wat Pho

The temple was just next to the Grand Palace. There's a super big buddha statue at Wat Pho. SUPER SUPER BIG & HUGE! It also list in the 7 best temples at Bangkok.

There's 108 bronze bowls which is indication 108 auspicious characters of Buddha at the corner of the buddha hall. There's a lot of people dropping coins into the bowls for donating money to the temple or monks.

Of course, we do drop coins into the bronze bowls too! The experience was pretty fun.

Lovely Barbara & Tommi

#3, Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit
Wat Mahathat Yuwarajarangsarit might not be one of the most beautiful Bangkok temples, but it's certainly one of the most religiously significant.

After that, I followed Barbara & the rest to Pak Khlong Talat, a wholesale flower market at Bangkok. The market has all kinds of popular flowers & the most important is it's all fresh flowers.

You may found a few Thai woman sell handmade jasmine garlands once you step into the flower market. Those garlands look gorgeous!

Lucky us, we actually discovered a mystery local dry market at the end of the road down along the flower market. The market look bit old, dirty & smelly. Awwwwwww, I always hate market! LOL no matter is wet or dry. I hate it :X

Okay, time to ciao.......
I guess that's it for my day two at Bangkok =.=!!

Stay tuned!
Will continue update the rest soon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SAWADIKA, Bangkok Part I

Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand!


I am gonna blog about my first Bangkok trip today since I mentioned that I am going to update some of my stories soon on yesterday post. I know this is gonna be another very long time story which happened on year 2011. Yay! It's like seriously freaking long time ago. Hahas! Time flies :X 

Well, Bangkok is one of the world famous's top tourist destination cities which also known as a shopping paradise for everyone!

Shopping! The most favorite word in my dictionary! Hahahahas. YES! I AM NOW AT A SHOPPING PARADISE NOW! Baaaaaangkok! Girls, let's scream, just scream out loud! But anyways, of course bangkok also well known as their :


Honestly,  I never step into any shopping mall during this trip down to Bangkok.
No Siam Paragon, No Terminal 21, No CentralWorld, No SHOPPING MALL! No shopping stories at this blog post. I am so sorry that I can't show you my shopping skills. LOL hahas.

Ok, let's back to the topic!

I checked in to a hotel at Khaosan Road after I arrived Bangkok, a short street in central Bangkok, a very nice place to stay at because there's a lot of nice pubs and bars around. It's a very relaxing place but the hotels around also offers a very reasonable priced.

So, it's my very first time at Bangkok, I went around to discover the places which nearby at my hotel on the next morning day. Look look see see *lalalala, I am a happy girl. LOL

Toot-Toot is a transport which must try whenever you visit to Thailand. Personally, I quite like it because the ride was fun and the price are cheap too! Very good Very nice! but of course sometimes you have to be very careful when you ride on it because some of the toot-toot driver they drive very reckless. Maybe they thought they're the pro-driver in movie FAST & FURIOUS. =X 

The first temple I had visited on my first day at Bangkok, Thailand, is: 
#1, Wat Benchamabophitr Temple

Yaaaaay, I am at the beautiful marble temple which located in Bangkok's leafy green Dusit district near Chitralada Palace.

The weather at Bangkok, Thailand was so freaking hot! AHHHHHHHHH-Thanks god that I am still alive and din't melt under the big hot sun. However, of course the freshly iced fruit juice/ cooling coconut water or COKE will be the best ever thing to me for now. Slurp Slurp -

At night, I got a special guest to arrived at Bangkok also to accompany me on this Bangkok trip, it's Tommi! Welcome to Thailand! LOL. Yey, let me do a fast & quick introduction about this lovely guy here since he is quite a fresh human in my blog yet.

Tommaso Beatrici, is an Italian guy. We know each other in year 2010.

Well, now he is together with me at Bangkok for the holidays. Yet, I forgot to mention that his parents also join us on this holiday trip after few days later. His parents are awesome! They're so friendly & lovely. * un abbraccio

We went to the night market at Khao San Road which is just within a stone's throw distance from my hotel to seek for food and walk around.
# I have to apologies I don't have much picture of the night market because I took very little pictures during the night. I have no idea why =.=!!! Maybe I am busying seeing souvenir.... there have too much stalls around. Too much! Too much...... 

These local kids are trying to build pyramid with the beer bottles. So talented huh!


Grasshopper Fried, on of insect food at Thailand. Ekkkkkkk Pui! 

Alright, that's all about my first day at Bangkok!

Stay tuned!
Will continue update the rest soon.